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Men / Shirts


The Galvin Green shirt programme features a complete range of lightweight, soft and comfortable garments, specially developed for golfers. Carefully selected materials featuring extremely high level of breathability and excellent moisture-transportation properties keep the body dry and cool at all times. UV protection 20+. Easy to wash and maintain, dries in a snap.


      High quality, designer men's golf shirts

      Galvin Green’s collection of golf shirts is a complete range of tops and golf polo shirts designed to be worn on the golf course. The collection features lightweight, soft and comfortable golf shirts for men, specifically developed for golfers. 

      Made from a specially-designed material, VENTIL8™ PLUS, Galvin Green golf tops are ideal for the game of golf. With elevated cuts and an elegant range of colors, these men's golf shirts are made for the serious and stylish golfer.

      These golf shirts are made from carefully selected materials featuring an extremely high level of breathability and excellent moisture-transportation properties to keep the body dry and cool at all times. The golf shirts for men offer UV protection of 20+ and are easy to wash and maintain, they dry in a snap.

      The best golf shirts 

      The golf tops are made from fabrics in the VENTIL8™ PLUS which is engineered to give an extremely high level of breathability and excellent moisture-wicking properties. The yarn is made from polyester, since polyester does not absorb moisture, but pushes it to the surface of the fabric where it is spread out, creating a wicking effect, and then evaporates.

      To achieve the superior moisture-wicking and quick dry effect in the men's golf shirts, the polyester fibre is engineered to spread the moisture over a larger surface and thereby evaporate quicker. Polyester also has some other very important properties when used in golf shirts - it does not shrink, is extremely colorfast and does not need ironing.

      Galvin Green’s golf shirts for men are so long-lasting, which also makes them an excellent sustainable choice.

      Golf tops designed by golfers

      Galvin Green’s men's golf shirts collection features a wide range of styles, fabrics, colors, and patterns. Choose from golf shirts with knitted collars or tailored collars, available in contrasting or matching materials. The golf shirts for men fabrics are stretchy, light, soft, and comfortable, and come in a wide range of colors and patterns. The golf tops are available in small scale or graphic prints, bright colors, and contrasting sleeves or collars. Choose from men’s golf shirts in classic colors like navy, white, black, and red, or more vivid hues, such as green or pink.

      Combine garments from different layers to reach your full potential in any weather, and start with a piece from Galvin Green’s collection of men's golf shirts. Designed to keep you cool in action or warm on the course, an item from this range of golf shirts is the first layer in your ideal golf outfit.