As a serious golfer, you understand the importance of movement and motion in the game. Your clothing needs to complement your game, not hinder it. Galvin Green golf apparel is designed to work with the body and its movements so you can move with flexibility and confidence. Using high-tech materials, functional details, and streamlined silhouettes, all of our pieces were designed with the serious golfer in mind.

Experience freedom of movement on the golf course and beyond.

 Navigate the golf course and the weather conditions with ease wearing one of our high-tech jackets.

The Armstrong, pictured above, is a perfect example of one of our considered designs. Made from a waterproof and windproof fabric, the Armstrong is extremely breathable and very lightweight. Made from a stretch fabric, this jacket is packed with features designed for the game of golf, including tabs that allow you to adjust the chest width when you are swinging and repositioned side seams for optimum comfort.

The sleeves are shaped to better accommodate the sport’s movements, and both the hem and cuffs are elasticated for extra comfort. Front pockets and touch and close fasteners made the Armstrong as practical as it is good looking.

Focus on your game, not your clothing.